2048 Seats

Spread out over two halls, more LAN than ever before!

SwitzerLAN 2018

11. - 14. October, BERNEXPO Area

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Prize Pool accross 5 Main Tournaments and many side tournaments

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Eventname: Switzerlan 2018
Amount of Seats: 2048 Seats
Door opening: Thursday, 11. October 2018 10:00
Closing: Sunday, 14. October 2018 18:00
Signup start: Saturday, 21. July 2018 14:00
Seat Reservations: Saturday, 21. July 2018 13:00
Basic Ticket Price: -
Min. Age: 14
Location: Bern Expo

Mingerstrasse 6
3014 Bern
Requirements: No description
Tournaments: No description
Network: 1Gb/s per User
Additional Info: What are LAN parties?
LAN parties (Lan=Local Area Network) are events, where participants take their own computer and equipment to play video games together. Despite the fact that today you can simply play with players all over the world via internet, LAN parties are once again becoming increasingly more popular. Aside from gaming, people appreciate the event itself as well as meeting and exchanging with peers in real life. Furthermore there are tournaments in various games, where teams compete and can win prize money.
What do you play at LAN parties?
Generally, all games that are fun can be played. Naturally, currently popular games dominate bigger LAN parties, but often gamers like to test their skills in nostalgic games as well, which you can only play together via LAN network. The organizer usually prepares different voluntary tournaments and in the end everyone can play what they want.
This year’s SwitzerLAN features 7 main tournaments with prize money in the currently most popular eSport-Games. Additionally there will be a lot of other fun tournaments where you can win epic equipment.
Can console gamers go to the SwitzerLAN?
Instead of a computer you can also bring your console with a screen and play Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo. However all official tournaments will be PC-only.
What do I have to bring?
LAN parties are BYOC (“Bring Your Own Computer”). Every participant brings his own PC or laptop as well as the necessary equipment, such as keyboard, mouse and headset. By your seat you will find a LAN wire and a power strip with three Swiss sockets.
At the SwitzerLAN, all gamers have access to free showers and the sleeping hall, where you can make yourself comfortable with sleeping bag, air mattress, mat or whatever you like. Of course there will be a wide variety of food stands and a bar.
Basically you only need gaming setup, clothes, toiletries, and sleeping stuff.
Is there a minimum age for participating?
Yes. The minimum age is 14 years. Participants under 18 years old have to fill out the form of eligibility (which you can find in our terms and conditions), have it signed by their legal guardians and bring it to the event with them.