Switzer​​LAN 2019

21. - 24. November, BERNEXPO Area

New Year, New Hall, New Tournaments

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Your Core Team for this year’s SwitzerLAN

Sunday, 22.09.2019 14:47
Valentin Valentin Oberholzer

For most of you, the SwitzerLAN is a three- or four-day event taking place in November. But to make the 2000 person LAN happen, dozens of people invest hours and hours of hard work, creating the website, producing content, building the network and handling sponsors as well as suppliers.

In this news post we’d like to pay respect to the “heads”, SwitzerLAN staff who handle larger areas and make the event happen.


Head of Technics and Location

Andy is the infrastructural mastermind who is also in direct contact with the security and cleaning services. He makes sure everyone has a desk, chair, power outlet and LAN access. In addition he handles multiple crises at the same time, juggles his staff and transports the material to and from the LAN halls. 



Head of Network

Oli makes sure you can play with a fast and stable internet connection. He and his team use several kilometers of LAN cables to build a network comparable to that of a small town. The hardware is newer and stronger than last year because Oli upgraded his gear.



Head of Support

Thomas makes sure everything runs smoothly. From Check-In to signage and info desk organisation, he is the man to talk to if anyone encounters a problem. He has multiple teams supporting him in doing his job.



Head of Bar

Taloa takes care of you when you’re thirsty. She organises both bars, one in the meet up area between SwitzerLAN and HeroFest and one in the middle of the LAN hall. For that, she orders liters upon liters of beer, coke and water from our suppliers and briefs our bartenders on how to serve you at the bar.



Head of Media

Valentin organises and creates the content you see on social media, the Discord channel and the website (He also wrote this text). Together with his team, he makes sure you don’t miss out on any information and your questions are answered.



Head of Content

Melissa tends to our livestream, saying who goes on the air when and which games we broadcast live on Twitch. She makes sure everything stream related goes according to plan to give you the best spectator experience possible.



Head of Website

Dominique set up and coded the whole homepage, allowing you to purchase tickets and reserve your seat. He is also the trouble shooter when anyone in the team needs IT support or has to do anything on the website.



Head of Staff

Bruno is on a constant search for helpers who secure the entrance, pour drinks and set up all the tables and chairs. If you’re ever SwitzerLAN staff, you most certainly are going to talk to him, at the latest when he gives you your food coupons and helper shirt.



Head of SwitzerLAN

Matt aka Hadek himself is in charge of the whole event. Everything comes together in his person, meaning that he overlooks the work of all the heads. Additionally he acts as head of tournaments, engaging over 30 tournament admins and sharing his know how and experience with them.


The SwitzerLAN team doesn’t only consist of “heads”. We are thankful to have countless people working behind the scenes, trying to make the SwitzerLAN the best gaming event in the country. Thank you to all the helpers, IT staff, chair handlers, check in specialists, troubleshooters, graphic designers and tournament admins. We are looking forward to November, when we are going to write gaming history in Switzerland.


See you guys there!