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Spread out over two halls, more LAN than ever before!

SwitzerLAN 2018

11. - 14. October, BERNEXPO Area

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Prize Pool accross 5 Main Tournaments and many side tournaments

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Gewinner Übersicht / Winner Overview

Monday, 22.10.2018 10:05 by admin

Gewinner Übersicht  / Winner Overview 


Main Tournaments  1st 2nd 3rd
CS:GO schadE halt Berzerk mYinsanity
Overwatch SILENTGAMING Lausanne-Sport eSports eParadise Wyverns
League of Legends Swiss Agents Lausanne-Sport eSports PENTA Sports
Hearthstone KarpetMan (eLs) StrikeReaper (mYi) Phil42 (ArcticGaming)
Rocket League Lausanne-Sport eSports Servette Geneva eSports ArcticGaming
Fortnite Duo TBag_tG Duckgang Fak3 Alliance
Side Tournaments  1st 2nd 3rd
HotS epikk and friends Spectral Beasts POGGERS
Dota 2 mYinsanity Dumpster Babos Gaming
AoEII Team SIR Büsi Die Strategen
SCII Zervas (epikk) Praeto Ramolito (Gottéron eSports)
OSU! Airmen men HR baenhaji mal-ayo PepeHands
Rainbow 6 Tean Optimum Unity Athletes SILENT.R6
PUBG Squad SILENT.PUBG Swiss Angry Noobs Roxions
RL Challenger Cup Denied-Pirinha MIghty Talents Team SIR


Congratulation to all the Teams 

See you 2019 

League of Legends Tournament powered by paysafecard

Tuesday, 09.10.2018 11:08 by Helder

We are happy to announce paysafecard as our League of Legends Tournament sponsor!



paysafecard is a simple and safe prepaid payment method that allows you to make payments online without the use of a bank account or credit card information.


At our League of Legends Tournament you can not only win over 6'000.- Swiss Francs but also a Spot in the Red Bull Itemania competition!

Sign up now!




Trust Gaming - Mainsponsor

Monday, 08.10.2018 16:39 by Helder

After a successful SwitzerLAN in 2017 we are happy to welcome back Trust Gaming as our Mainsponsor for this year's edition!



Once again we will be selling their gaming gear at the event!


Trust is the leading value-for-money brand for digital lifestyle accessories. A global company with local sales to help meet your needs and expectations while providing an outstanding service support. In our extremely broad assortment, you’ll find everything you can imagine. Whether it’s for your tablet, desktop, laptop, gaming device, smartphone or TV: you name it, we’ve got it. From local shops to larger electro stores, hypermarkets and online, these products are available everywhere. Of course attractively designed, easy to use and affordable.


MIFCOM Hardware Sponsor

Thursday, 04.10.2018 17:39 by Helder

High-End VIP-Computers by MIFCOM

SwitzerLAN-Participants with a VIP ticket have a reason to rejoice! MIFCOM is offering 50 complete setups for LAN goers in possession of a VIP ticket for the duration of the SwitzerLAN. We’re happy to announce MIFCOM as a competent sponsor out of the gaming industry.


Hardware developer MIFCOM is one of the main sponsors for the SwitzerLAN 2018. This year, they are letting the 50 lucky VIPs use their high-end gaming devices during the whole SwitzerLAN. Not only are they going to provide the PCs, but they also provide a monitor from ASUS and a very comfy gaming chair from corsair.


Additionally, MIFCOM hardware is going to be present all over the HeroFest, making sure things run smoothly.


MIFCOM stands for personally configurable high-end PC systems and notebooks. But what is the meaning of those words? MIFCOM stands for


  • Constantly working toward technical perfection as well as individuality,
  • Offering a first-class service,
  • Always being there for their clients,
  • Constantly improving and raising their standards



MIFCOM does not make a difference between an affordable all-round-PC for the standard user and a water-cooled high-end monster for the price of a small car. With MIFCOM, you will feel right at home, no matter how expensive your PC was: They stand by your side even after the warranty of your product has expired. Their motto: “lifelong support”.


Fortnite: Battle Royale Main Tournament

Tuesday, 25.09.2018 15:09 by Helder

English Translation below.


An der SwitzerLAN 2018, der grössten LAN-Party der Schweiz, findet ein 2v2-Fortnite-Turnier statt. Das Turnier ist geöffnet für alle PC- und Playstation-Spieler und total wird um 1’400.- Schweizer Franken gekämpft.

Das Turnier startet am Freitag Abend und wird im Kill Duel Format gespielt. Die Duos bilden zusammen mit ihren Widersachern ein Squad, treten einem Onlinegame bei und kämpfen um das beste Resultat. Detaillierte Regeln und Infos zum Turniersystem folgen bald auf unserer Website und Social Media.

Um im Fortnite-Turnier mitspielen zu können, muss man ein Ticket und somit einen Sitzplatz an der SwitzerLAN 2018 haben. Tickets für die SwitzerLAN können online gekauft werden. Nach dem erfolgreichen Kauf kann man seinen Sitzplatz auswählen und sich für das Turnier anmelden.


Wichtige Infos

- Die SwitzerLAN startet bereits am Donnerstag 11. Oktober.2018 und dauert bis Sonntag 14. Oktober 2018

- Das Fortnite-Turnier startet am Freitag 12.10.2018 am Abend, das heisst die Teilnehmer müssen erst dann vor Ort sein

- Mit einem SwitzerLAN-Ticket hat man kostenlosen Zugang zu den SwitzerLAN-Turnieren und einem Sitzplatz bestehend aus einem Tisch, Stuhl, Strom- und Netzwerkanschluss. Teilnehmer müssen ihr eigenes Gaming-Gear (Playstation oder PC, Monitor, Kopfhörer etc.) mitnehmen

- Neben dem Turnier kann man andere Games spielen, in unserem Chill-Out-Bereich abhängen, andere Gamer treffen oder das HeroFest besuchen

- Die SwitzerLAN ist Teil des HeroFests, einer Convention für Games und Fantasy - mit einem All Access Ticket haben SwitzerLAN-Teilnehmer während drei Tagen kostenlosen Zugang zum HeroFest

- Die LAN ist 24h geöffnet und es gibt eine Schlafhalle, wo Teilnehmer mit einem eigenen Schlafsack und einer Unterlage schlafen können. Zudem gibt es Duschen und WCs sowie Möglichkeiten, sich zu verpflegen.


Weitere Fragen werden in unseren FAQ beantwortet. Wir haben zudem einen Discord-Server wo man einen Duo-Partner oder Mitfahrgelegenheiten suchen oder weitere Fragen stellen kann.

Hole dir jetzt dein Ticket!



At SwitzerLAN 2018, the biggest LAN party in Switzerland, a Fortnite 2v2 Tournament will be held. The tournament will be open for PC and Playstation players and will have a prize pool of 1’400.- Swiss Francs!

While the SwitzerLAN opens its doors on Thursday 11 October 2018 in the evening, the Fortnite tournament starts on Friday 12 October in the evening, meaning that players can arrive on friday night. The tournament is played in a kill duel format. The duos will form a squad with their enemies, join an online game and hunt for the best score. The detailed tournament rules and format will be published on our website and social media soon.


To play in the Fornite tournament players need to have a ticket & seat at the SwitzerLAN 2018. Tickets for the event can be bought online. After the successful purchase of a ticket you can pick your seat on the seat-map and sign up for the tournament.



Important Information

- The SwitzerLAN already starts on Thursday 11 October 2018 and lasts until Sunday 14 October 2018.

- The Fortnite tournament starts on Friday 12 October 2018 in the evening.

- The SwitzerLAN ticket provides you with free entry to the SwitzerLAN tournament and a table with a chair, electricity and a network cable. Everyone brings their own gaming-gear (Playstation or PC, monitor, headphones etc.) to the event.

- Besides competing in the tournament, you can play other games, hang out in our chill-out area, meet fellow gamers, visit the HeroFest, and much more.

- The SwitzerLAN is part of the HeroFest, a convention for games and fantasy. With an All Access Ticket you have free access to the HeroFest during all three days.

- The LAN is open 24h each day and there’s an extra hall where participants can sleep with a sleeping bag and mat. There are showers and toilets as well as several food stands.


Additional questions are answered in our FAQ. We also have a Discord Server where you can search for duo-partners, someone to share a ride or ask questions.


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