Switzer​​LAN 2019

21. - 24. November, BERNEXPO Area

New Year, New Hall, New Tournaments

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Cisco: Network and Security Sponsor

Saturday, 28.09.2019 10:22 by Valentin

The network of a 2000 person LAN party is comparable to that of a small town. To assist us in building it, we've engaged in a partnership with Cisco Switzerland, our Network and Security sponsor for the third SwitzerLAN in a row! Thank you for helping us make SwitzerLAN the best gaming event of the year and welcome aboard!


Cisco designs and sells broad lines of products, provides services, and delivers integrated solutions to develop and connect networks around the world, building the Internet. As a global market leader in its industry, Cisco helps its customers to connect, digitize, and thrive to change the way the world works, lives, plays, and learns. For more than 30 years, Cisco has helped its customers to build networks, automate, orchestrate, integrate, and digitize information technology (IT)-based products and services. In an increasingly connected world, Cisco is helping lead the way by transforming businesses, governments, and cities worldwide with differentiated innovation.



Your Core Team for this year’s SwitzerLAN

Sunday, 22.09.2019 14:47 by Valentin

For most of you, the SwitzerLAN is a three- or four-day event taking place in November. But to make the 2000 person LAN happen, dozens of people invest hours and hours of hard work, creating the website, producing content, building the network and handling sponsors as well as suppliers.

In this news post we’d like to pay respect to the “heads”, SwitzerLAN staff who handle larger areas and make the event happen.


Head of Technics and Location

Andy is the infrastructural mastermind who is also in direct contact with the security and cleaning services. He makes sure everyone has a desk, chair, power outlet and LAN access. In addition he handles multiple crises at the same time, juggles his staff and transports the material to and from the LAN halls. 



Head of Network

Oli makes sure you can play with a fast and stable internet connection. He and his team use several kilometers of LAN cables to build a network comparable to that of a small town. The hardware is newer and stronger than last year because Oli upgraded his gear.



Head of Support

Thomas makes sure everything runs smoothly. From Check-In to signage and info desk organisation, he is the man to talk to if anyone encounters a problem. He has multiple teams supporting him in doing his job.



Head of Bar

Taloa takes care of you when you’re thirsty. She organises both bars, one in the meet up area between SwitzerLAN and HeroFest and one in the middle of the LAN hall. For that, she orders liters upon liters of beer, coke and water from our suppliers and briefs our bartenders on how to serve you at the bar.



Head of Media

Valentin organises and creates the content you see on social media, the Discord channel and the website (He also wrote this text). Together with his team, he makes sure you don’t miss out on any information and your questions are answered.



Head of Content

Melissa tends to our livestream, saying who goes on the air when and which games we broadcast live on Twitch. She makes sure everything stream related goes according to plan to give you the best spectator experience possible.



Head of Website

Dominique set up and coded the whole homepage, allowing you to purchase tickets and reserve your seat. He is also the trouble shooter when anyone in the team needs IT support or has to do anything on the website.



Head of Staff

Bruno is on a constant search for helpers who secure the entrance, pour drinks and set up all the tables and chairs. If you’re ever SwitzerLAN staff, you most certainly are going to talk to him, at the latest when he gives you your food coupons and helper shirt.



Head of SwitzerLAN

Matt aka Hadek himself is in charge of the whole event. Everything comes together in his person, meaning that he overlooks the work of all the heads. Additionally he acts as head of tournaments, engaging over 30 tournament admins and sharing his know how and experience with them.


The SwitzerLAN team doesn’t only consist of “heads”. We are thankful to have countless people working behind the scenes, trying to make the SwitzerLAN the best gaming event in the country. Thank you to all the helpers, IT staff, chair handlers, check in specialists, troubleshooters, graphic designers and tournament admins. We are looking forward to November, when we are going to write gaming history in Switzerland.


See you guys there!


VIP seats by MIFCOM

Sunday, 08.09.2019 11:01 by Valentin

You’ve waited long enough, now they’re here: the VIP tickets! Starting this Tuesday at 8 pm you can buy one of our 50 VIP tickets. The hardware is kindly provided by our partner MIFCOM.

VIP ticket sales start this Tuesday 10 September at 8 pm and since we only have 50 tickets available, it’s going to be first come, first served. The store is going to be offline for a couple of hours before launch so we can make the changes.


You can either buy the VIP ticket directly for CHF 299.- or if you've already bought a normal ticket you can upgrade to VIP status for CHF 200.-. With a VIP ticket you only have to bring yor peripherals, meaning keyboard, mouse, headset, etc. The rest is going to be set up by MIFCOM.


Hardware developer MIFCOM is one of the main sponsors for the SwitzerLAN 2019. This year again, 50 lucky VIPs can use high-end MIFCOM gaming devices during the whole SwitzerLAN. Not only are they going to provide the PCs, but they also deliver a gaming monitor and a very comfy gaming chair from corsair.



Case:                                     Corsair Carbide 175R RGB

Graphics Card:                    RX 5700XT ASUS

CPU:                                      AMD Ryzen 7 3700X

Mainboard:                          ASUS TUF Gaming X570-Plus (WiFi)

RAM:                                     16GB DDR4-3200 (2x 8GB) Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro

SSD:                                      1TB Corsair MP600 PCIe 4.0 NVME SSD

CPU-Cooler:                         Corsair Cooling Hydro Series H100x

Power Supply Unit:             650W Corsair TX-M

LED-Stripe:                           LED stripe RGB

Windows:                             Windows 10 Home 

MIFCOM stands for personally configurable high-end PC systems and notebooks. But what is the meaning of those words? MIFCOM stands for


  • Constantly working toward technical perfection as well as individuality,
  • Offering a first-class service,
  • Always being there for their clients,
  • Constantly improving and raising their standards


MIFCOM does not make a difference between an affordable all-round-PC for the standard user and a water-cooled high-end monster for the price of a small car. With MIFCOM, you will feel right at home, no matter how expensive your PC was: They stand by your side even after the warranty of your product has expired. Their motto: “lifelong support”.


Thank you, MIFCOM, for helping us make SwitzerLAN 2019 the best gaming event of the year!

Ticket and Tournament Update SwitzerLAN 2019

Sunday, 28.07.2019 23:00 by Hadek

Hi everyone, Hadek here with an Update about the Tickets and Tournaments for the upcoming SwitzerLAN 2019


3 Types of Tickets
All Tickets include a 3 day HeroFest ticket
VIP tickets will be available later, as negotiations with partners are still ongoing
Standard Tickets can be upgraded to VIP as soon as they are available
3 Types of Tournaments



At this years SwitzerLAN we have 4 different types of Tickets. Each of them will be explained in the upcoming lines.

Groups of 10 or more can use this form for Reservations: https://t.co/lqSJG0b50e?amp=1


All Access SwitzerLAN Ticket
This is the “Standard Ticket” which includes a LAN Seat (with a triple socket & a LAN cable), accesss to the sleeping hall and a 3 day HeroFest ticket.


All Access SwitzerLAN Supporter Ticket
If you buy the Supporter Ticket you will receive a Supporter-Bag at the LAN in addition to the contents of the standard ticket.


SwitzerLAN 2019 VIP Ticket
At the moment the VIP Tickets are no available yet, as negotiations with partners are still ongoing. This seat will include a pre-installed and built gaming setup (PC, Monitor and Gaming Chair). In addition, you get all the benefits of a LAN ticket.
The upgrade from “Standard” to VIP will be possible. Further details will follow asap.



At this years SwitzerLAN we have 3 different types of Tournaments. The Main Tournaments, the Genre Tournaments and the Community Tournaments. Each of them will be explained in the upcoming lines.


Main Tournaments:
This type of the Tournaments include games like CS:GO and League of Legends. A complete list of the titles will be published soon. Each LAN attendee can only participate at one Main Tournament. Each of them will start on Friday Evening and the Finals will be played on Sunday. For each title their will be a Streamer booth where casters will cover the whole tournament. This type of tournament has also the highest prize moneys.
More details and information about all the titles and prize money will be published in the upcoming weeks, so make sure you follow us on social media and join our Discord.


Up next are the Genre Tournaments. Many of you like to play RTS, Battle Royale or Auto Battler. To run these tournaments more smoothly then last year we categorized them into Genres which will allow the attendees to attend in multiple titles of the same genre or different games over several genres. Some hints of the titles can be found in the graphic of the tournament page. https://www.switzerlan.ch/tournaments/


If you don’t like the highly competitive Main Tournaments or the hyped Auto Battlers, we have the Community Tournaments for you. Some classics like Quake Champions or Golf with your Friends will be covered by this type. There will be admins available at the event where you can request a title or they will help you to setup and announce a tournament you would like to run.


I hope I could give you some insights into the Tickets and Tournaments for the SwitzerLAN 2019 and you are a bit teased for the upcoming news and updates.


If you have questions feel free to use the #question channel on our Discord.

See you soon


SwitzerLAN is moving!

Sunday, 21.07.2019 14:00 by admin

This year, the SwitzerLAN is going to take place a little later than usual.
One of multiple changes is the whole LAN moving into a different BERNEXPO hall.

Date 21.-24.11.2019
Over 2000 PC's in Hall 3.2
Hall 3.1 for the Bar & Content Area --> less noise in the Lanhall 3.2
SwitzerLAN Pass includes HeroFest ticket
Ticketsale starts 28th of July
Prizepool more then 25'000 CHF


The next SwitzerLAN is coming. This year’s edition is going down from 21 until 24 November, so that you can enjoy the rest of the summer in peace.
When it’s raining and winding outside, we are going to assemble in the BERNEXPO to indulge in our collective passion: gaming.
This time we are going to colonize hall 3.2 (where the fantasy stage was at last year’s HeroFest) with over 2000 PCs. Thus we are trying to increase the record of the largest LAN ever in the german speaking world once again. However, our focus lies on a stable network, happy participants and a proper execution of the event. Our goal is to make the SwitzerLAN the best Swiss gaming event of the year.

Because we don’t want you to have to spend four straight days playing games (yes, we know some of you are going to do exactly that), there are various side activities. Have a cold beer or borrow a board game at the bar, prove your musical talent at the Rock Band corner, You can also pay a visit to the merch shop, which we are going to enhance and upgrade for 2019.You are heartly invited to the hall 3.1 (where you can look down to hall 3.0 where the esports stage was at last year's HeroFest) with a bar and a content area or you visit the HeroFest in the remaining halls.

We have approximately 7500 square meters to our disposition, and right next to us you’ll find the HeroFest, one of the biggest and most interesting gaming and fantasy expos that Switzerland has to offer. The HeroFest is going to feature even more content than last year: more cosplayers, more finals (for example Swisscom HeroLeague), and more artists. This year, your SwitzerLAN pass includes a HeroFest ticket for all 3 days.

To serve the different needs of our community, we once again have various sorts of tickets in our store. You can find all of them here after 28.07.2019. The best Swiss esports organizations are going to send their teams to Bern in a quest to represent their clan and bring home victory. There is a prize pool of more than 25’000 Swiss francs, so it’s not just fun and games anymore!