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Spread out over two halls, more LAN than ever before!

SwitzerLAN 2018

11. - 14. October, BERNEXPO Area

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Prize Pool accross 5 Main Tournaments and many side tournaments

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Welcome Baloise - SwitzerLAN's official Insurance Sponsor

Saturday, 28.07.2018 13:35 by Helder

We are excited to present our first main sponsor of this year's SwitzerLAN - welcome Baloise!



Baloise Insurance has put together the first all-round carefree package consisting of property insurance and travel insurance. With it, you protect your gaming gear in your own home and even when traveling.


As our official Insurance Sponsor Baloise is offering you a LAN-insurance, which can be bought on our site while buying a ticket or later on. With the travel insurance of Baloise Insurance, your travel baggage as well as your gaming gear are insured for the entire SwitzerLAN (including arrival and return travel).


If you are interested in the service, you can find more information here.


We thank the Baloise for their support and look forward to share more news with you in the future.


SwitzerLAN is back in 2018!

Sunday, 15.07.2018 01:28 by admin

SwitzerLAN is coming back strong in 2018. With 2048 gamers the SwitzerLAN is Switzerland's biggest LAN party to date. The participants can expect four days full of gaming, esports and a lot of other fun activities with fellow gamers. Besides gaming there's going to be other stuff to do, like a Rock Band station or Flunkyball. Since the SwitzerLAN is part of the HeroFest, participants with the right ticket can additionally access Switzerland’s biggest expo with stages for entertainment from the gaming-, cosplay- and anime world. SwitzerLAN starts on Thursday 11th October and lasts till Sunday 14th.




We have several pro tournaments and a lot of fun tournaments happening during those four days. If you’re looking to clear your head or need some real life action for a moment you can join our bar for a few drinks, play board games or visit the HeroFest. Of course there is also a sleeping hall, a wide range of available meals and facilities to shower. There are different kinds of tickets for sale to suit your needs. For example with the VIP ticket you can come to the LAN and have a gaming PC and chair already set up for you. Make sure to check out all the options before choosing the right one so you don't miss out on anything.



In a total of five main tournaments the SwitzerLAN participants will compete for a whooping CHF 20’000.- in cash and several other prizes. Main tournaments will be Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Overwatch, Hearthstone and Rocket League.

There will also be several fun tournaments including PUBG, Age of Empires, Starcraft2 and many more. For additional tournaments, we will hold votings on our social media accounts. So if you wish for a specific game to be held as a fun tournament, keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Join our Discord Server

Just like last year, the main channel of communication at the LAN will be the official SwitzerLAN Discord Server. Tournament information, the latest news and so on will be posted there. You can also ask any questions there, if something is not clear. Join the server here. For updates, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter as well as Instagram.