2048 Seats

Spread out over two halls, more LAN than ever before!

SwitzerLAN 2018

11. - 14. October, BERNEXPO Area

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Prize Pool accross 5 Main Tournaments and many side tournaments

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Q: What is a LAN party?
A: Originally, LAN parties were the only way to compete against others in computer games, but of course, since there's good internet, that's also possible online. Today LANs are not only measured in Esport tournaments, but above all friendships are closed and maintained. For many gamers, a LAN is the highlight of the year because they can meet their friends "offline" there, exchange ideas with like-minded people and celebrate a party. It's about much more than just the game.


Q: What is included in the LAN ticket?
A: Each participant has access to a seat with power and internet connection - he only has to take the computer, the laptop or the console, the controller, the mouse, the keyboard and the headphones. In addition, you can participate with the LAN ticket for free at our LAN tournaments. In addition to the LAN area, there is also a sleeping area, sanitary facilities with showers, a chillout and party area with a bar and catering until late at night. The LAN participants should also take toiletries, a sleeping bag and, if desired, a small inflatable mattress.


Q: What is included in the LAN VIP Ticket?
A: Includes a pre-installed and built-in gaming setup with Gaming Chair. In addition, you will receive all benefits of the LAN Ticket and a goodiebag

Q: Do you have an age restriction?
A: Yes. The minimum age for participants of the event is 14 years. Participants under the age of 18 must print out the corresponding entry form (to be found in our Terms and Conditions) and must complete it and sign it with the parent or guardian. The form is mandatory for under 18-year-old participants!


Q: How should I imagine the sleeping area?
A: The sleeping area is a big room with a lot of space. If you want to stay there, then you have to bring your own sleeping bag and, if you wish, a mat for your own. 


Q: How can I join as a console player?

A: You buy a LAN ticket, bring the console, monitor and controller and gamble at your own seat..


Q: Why does not the number of registrations (on the start page) match the reserved seats in the seating plan?
A: Groups of 10 or more can reserve seats through the organization. The groups then have a deadline until all participants have to make an account, sign up for the event and buy their ticket. Until you do that, the login counter does not match the reservations. As soon as the deadline has expired, the number should match and maybe there will be free seats again (because it was not paid).


Q: How does Group Reservation works?

A: Groups of 10 or more can write an email andreas.megert@myi.ch 


Q: What does the seating plan mean and what does it mean reserved?
A: A reserved place was paid by a participant and belongs to this person *. Or the place was reserved by a clan in a group reservation. In both cases the seats are locked in place and can not be overwritten by other people. If you have bought a ticket, you can save seats for your friends. The seats are then highlighted in yellow, but can be overwritten by other participants with a paid ticket. The reservation of seats does not guarantee that you can keep them, but only signals to other participants that the friends of another participant would actually like to sit there.

* The organizers reserve the right to change the seating plan in order to optimally fill the event. Reserving a place does not give the participant any right to actually receive it. See terms and conditions.