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SwitzerLAN 2018
11. - 14. October

Thanks again to all our Volunteers, Sponsors and Attendees for making SwitzerLAN 2017 the best one yet, we hope that you will join us again this year!

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Thank You!

We at MYI Entertainment would like to thank all our volunteers and especially our sponsors Trust Gaming, Cisco, Paysafecard, Init7 & Red Bull for helping us improve this unique gaming event every year. The SwitzerLAN would not be accomplishable without you guys!

Also, thank you to everyone who came and spent an awesome 80 hours with us gaming, drinking, not sleeping, nerd-talking, and having a great time!

Please give it up for our main tournament winners:

CSGO 5vs5: schadE halt

Dota 2 5vs5: mYinsanity

Hearthstone 1vs1: MelonHs from SPG

Heroes of the Storm 5vs5: TeamEleGiggle from SPG

League of Legends 5vs5: SPG

Overwatch 6vs6: Servette Geneva eSports

Rocket League 3vs3: Servette Geneva eSports




About SwitzerLAN

The SwitzerLAN is the largest Swiss LAN party and takes place every October in the BERNEXPO at the Suisse Toy. Hundreds of PC gamers compete for cash- and non-cash prizes during four days and three nights of pure gaming ecstasy. There are main tournaments in the biggest current esports titles and multiple fun tournaments. Some of the matches are held on the Suisse Toy Digital’s Esports stage in front of a live audience.

In 2015 SwitzerLAN hosted 500 participants, in 2016 1000 participants and in 2017 1337 gamers.


Are you interested in sponsoring the SwitzerLAN or be present at the Suisse Toy Digital with a booth?

Do not hesitate to contact Manuel Oberholzer in English or German.

Thanks to all of our attendees and visitors who made SwitzerLAN a success and continue to support us year after year. We hope you enjoyed your time at SwitzerLAN as much as we did and that we can welcome you back next year!

- SwitzerLAN Team